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Aeon Zen New Video Released

Redemption Shadow Video Released


Thomann scoops award

Winner of the online retailer of the year award


The Major Agency Ltd
2nd Floor, 52 George St
Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, GL60AG

We would love the opportunity to work with you. If you have an enquiry or any feedback please get in touch with us

Communication made simple

Getting your message across is about more than just sticking some adverts on pages and some banners on a website

When we work with you to look at the right marketing campaign for your business we will also look at all the ways you can get your message across to the customers you want to reach

Whether it is creating or adapting an impactful website, getting your products or services talked about in the media through great pr or harnessing the immense power of social media such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn we will work with you to find the most effective ways to get your business talked about where your customers are.

We look at the complete picture – your total communication with your customers – and identify the missed opportunities so that we can help you to plug the gaps and get your message out in every way possible

With the rapid growth of social media and user generated content showing no sign of slowing it can look like a random collection of interactions designed to waste considerable amounts of time.

At The Major Agency we are here to cut through this fog to harness the ever increasing combined power of traditional, digital and social media to benefit your business. Working away in the background we save you considerable time as we build your communication, presence, credibility, interaction and authority in the right communities.